A2DP Bluetooth Music Receiver Adapter for Bose SoundDock


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Tired of out of sync and need to resync if walking out of the bluetooth singal working range ( ~ 20 ft) or after you go to bathroom, here is the solution.

New Generation of Plug and Play, Bluetooth Music Receiver allow you to transform your Bose Sounddock system into a Bluetooth speaker at a distance up to 60 ft. Support digital products using Bluetooth, such as iPad, iPhone, Bluetooth cell phones/tablets and PCs.

This new model with enhanced working distance (up to 60 ft) is avaiable after 3/22/2013. This working distance, up to 60 ft, is twice of that of most similar devices sold on the market at ~18-22 ft. (For some cell phone with weaker bluetooth signal to save battery power, the wireless range might be shorter. However, the wireless range of this model is ~ 1.5-2 times of most other models if used on the same cell phone)

Every unit is tested at 50 ft distance between Bose Sounddock 10 and Nexus 7 before shipping.

With this bluetooth device, your current Bose SoundDock speaker can play music from all brands of cell phones and tablets with bluetooth funtion.

Other known compatible speaker models:
Altec Lansing iM600, iM7, iMT325, iMT620, iMT810, T612 – Beats by Dr. Dre Beat by Dr. Dre, Beatbox, -Edifier M360, M35, M0, MKII, – Cyber Acoustics CA461 – Geneva Sound System Model L – Harmon Kardon Go + Play Stereo – iHome iA100, iA17, iA5, iA63, iD37, iD8, iD91, iH16U, iH4, iH5, iH6, iP1, iP4, iP9, iP11, iP37, iP90 – iLuv iMM747 – JBL On Stage 3, On Stage 4, On Beat, On Beat Air, On Time 200P, On Time Micro, – Logitech S135i, S315i, S715i, Pure Fi Anywhere 2, Pure Fi Anywhere, S-0001, S135i, S315i, S715i – Memorex MA9010MS – Onkyo DS-A4 – Philips DC320/37, DCB291, DCB293, DCB352, DCD132, DCM2020, DCM230/37, DS1100, DS1200, DS3000, DS3510, DS7700 – Polk HD Radio I-Sonic – Pyle Home PiDock 1 – Skullcandy Skull Candy pipe, Vandal S7LACZ-04 – Sony AIR-SW10Ti, ICF-7iP, ICF-C05iP, ICF-C1iPMK2, ICF-CS15iP, RDP-M15iP, RDP-M5iP, RDP-V20iP – Yamaha PDX-11, TSX-70

A2DP Bluetooth Music Receiver Adapter for Bose SoundDock Speakers- Extra Long Wireless Range up to 60 ft (Sale of New Model from 3/22/2013)

Price: $39.99

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  • *EXTRA LONG BLUETOOTH WIRELESS RANGE * This bluetooth receiver with up to 60 ft wireless range is the answer if tired of the out-of-sync buzzing sound when walk out of bluetooth wireless range. This 3.4 generation bluetooth adapter with much bigger antenna solves short wireless range issue. This model's wireless distance is ~60 ft while other similar brand's receivers is only around 15 ~ 30 ft.
  • *PLUG, PAIR AND PLAY * Turn your iPhone, iPod, iPad speaker dock with Apple 30-pin connector into a wireless Bluetooth music system and freely listen to your playlist without docking your smartphone or tablet. Each device is verified with iPhone 6S and Bose sounddock 10 before shipping.
  • * FOR BOSE SOUNDDOCK SPEAKER MADE AFTER 2008 LIKE DIGITAL I, II, PORTABLE, 10 * If your Bose speaker cannot charge iphone 3, 4 or 4S, or your Bose speaker was made before 2008, an extra or built-in power adapter is needed. Check http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DA06Z3I or http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00Q65L660 for right product.
  • *ALSO WORK FOR OTHER BRAND'S SPEAKERS * If your speaker can charge the battery of iPhone 3/4 or iPod touch through the 30 pin analog dock (not digital), this is the correct device for your speakers like Bose, Sony, JBL.... . Compatible with Bose Sounddock Portable, 10, digital I and II, Wave, JBL and SONY speakers which can charge iphone 3/4 or ipod touch 3/4. Please see the compatible model list in the product description.
  • If your speaker model is not on the compatible list but with both 30 pin dock and aux audo input, The other model http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00Q65L660 will work. This model has on/off switch, 3.5mm audio output and even longer Bluetooth wireless range up to 75 ft.
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A2DP Bluetooth Music Receiver Adapter for Bose SoundDock
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